• Christine Lusher

Financial Advice for Defence Force Members

Specific advice for members of Australia's Defence Force

Christine Lusher is a spouse of a current serving member of the Australian Army. I understand the unique financial planning needs of Defence force personell. I have over 17 years experience in providing advice to Defence Force Members. Belonging to the Military brings with it a unique set of financial issues including:

  • Disruption with moving every 2 to 3 years and financial effects of this;

  • Lower spouse income and employment issues with multiple re-locations;

  • Higher divorce and seperation rates

I have an in depth knowledge of:

  • Military Super and DFRDB

  • DHOAS Loans and benefits of living in DHA

  • Deployment allowances and benefits

Should you be discharging it is vitally important that you seek advice from a professional that understands your unique circumstances. Interviews are available in person or via video.

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