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Our Story

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and consider how you arrived where you are?  It’s often a series of seemingly disconnected moments that have come together to build something better or different from what you could have ever imagined when you began.

This is also true for us, as we worked together in the formative years of our careers, quickly forming a strong bond due to our shared values, humour and passions. A wonderful work friendship, the sort that only occasionally happens and lasts for years.


Although our careers then took separate paths, we remained close friends, keeping in contact over the years, often discussing our shared passion for helping people and the often disjunctive evolution of financial advice over the years.


Then the tumultuous 2020 arrived and a serendipitous moment provided the perfect circumstances for a conversation and reflection on how far we had each come and the new path we wished to give for ourselves, our families, clients and colleagues.


Out of this single serendipitous moment, the idea for Serendipity Wealth Advisors was born.  


An advice business that leads from the heart is just what is needed right now. Time to care for our minds as we all look more closely at our finances and future hopes and dreams.


A serendipitous moment, a meaningful conversation; and Serendipity Wealth Advisors was born.


Our Vision

We want to contribute to your successes, celebrate your victories and journey with you as you travel through life.


We consider our clients to be extended family and we take your goals and dreams very seriously. Throughout all your life's stages, the ups and downs,. We want you to know; we've got your back!

Our Team

Serendipity Wealth Advisors is run by a team of incredible professionals who each share and willingly embrace the same values surrounding the work they do. 

Each member has had an extensive career within the financial planning industry and while they operate from all over Australia, are committed to providing their widespread client-base with beneficial financial guidance both in-person and online.

The team plays a strong part in enabling financial freedom and confidence by building alongside their clients a strong basis of knowledge surrounding wealth, risk protection and literacy. 


CHristine Lusher

Director / Wealth Advisor & Certified Financial Planner

As an established name in the industry, Christine Lusher provides her clients with knowledge and peace of mind that their finances are being expertly managed. Christine established Serendipity Wealth Advisors alongside close personal friend and colleague, Norma.Samson.


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Sue Saliba

Practice & Client Relationship Manager 

Sue's mission is to provide exceptional service to the advisors and our clients so that they have a pleasurable and professional experience with Serendipity Wealth Advisors. Having worked in numerous sectors throughout her life there’s not much Sue can’t do!


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Ruby Brain

Client Relationship Manager 

Coming soon!


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Julie Krowitz

Specialist Insurance Adviser - Fairbridge Financial Services

A vital part of any financial plan is your back up plan. Julie is passionate about ensuring Australian families and businesses hold appropriate insurance coverage. 

Serendipity partner with Julie and her team to offer tailored insurance advice. 


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Norma Samson

Director / Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner

With 17 years in the financial planning industry, Norma Samson has had an extensive career providing clients with the financial advice to better their lives. She has joined Christine Lusher in establishing Serendipity Wealth Advisors as a business where their shared values can be used to better our clients lives.


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Kristy Cummins

Client Relationship Manager 

Kristy strives to make Serendipity clients' lives easier by efficiently administering your financial life. An experienced administrator with a passion for detail. We knew Kristy was the person for the job when we found out she was Mum to 3-year-old triplets. There is not much Kristy can not handle!


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Kristy Whittingham

Paraplanning Partner - Fresh Paraplanning

A financial planner is only as good as their secret weapon, the Paraplanner! Kristy and her team from Fresh Paraplanning prepare our Financial Plans (Statement's of Advice), ensuring that each plan is easy to read, compliant and looks great. 


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Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann