At Serendipity, we believe in advice that you’re inspired to pursue, leads you to new connections and enlightens you to a new perspective that changes your view of the world.


Financial Advice

We are firm believers in the power of serendipity;  a moment in time when all the pieces come together, and you realise what was important to you all along. We believe that there is a difference between serendipity and luck. Serendipity is at its best when it is intentional and not just left to chance.

We want to contribute to your successes, celebrate your victories and join you as you journey through life. 

We consider our clients to be extended family and we take your goals and dreams very seriously. Throughout all your life's stages, the ups and downs, we want you to know; we've got your back.

Our company scope is nation-wide. Our client experience is modern and, technology-enabled, to reach you with impact and provide guidance wherever you may be. An effortless connection that optimises your most precious resource; your time.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

By sowing the right seeds and nurturing your growth, we will guide and support you to bring your goals to fruition and benefit from the harvest.


We provide advice that is about more than just finance, but is able to cultivate and nourish the life you want to live.



At Serendipity Wealth we view your world with circular vision, not just seeing what is straight ahead but broadening your observation to around, beneath and beyond.


We assist you in recognising promising opportunities and what components to focus your energies on.  We want to put the stars back into your eyes with how you view your life. 


We believe advice is not simply about money, it's about your entire life. Money is the fuel for living the life you want, which means something different to everyone. We offer a range of services that give you the knowledge and resources so you can achieve your financial goals and live your best life. 


Financial planning is about developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs and meet your life goals. It's about uncovering the life you did not know you could have, didn't know you wanted or simply forgot about. Strategic advice means looking at where you are now, and where you want to be. 

We offer a range of Financial Planning services that focus on different areas of your personal and business life. 


In conjunction with your accountant, private banker, legal and property specialists, we represent you and will give you the best solution for a variety of personal or business situations.

Hold your team accountable and get "stuff" done. 


Wealth consultancy is life management for people who are time poor and want to direct their energy towards their passions. We are experts at life management, outsource it to us.  



Your advisor will assess your situation, investigate the appropriate options, educate, and empower you to discuss how this may fit your goals.



Our goal is to articulate your life simply, all the pieces coming together. It all makes sense; we have a guide on paper to meet your life goals.


As your plan becomes certain, we will implement it and make your goals a reality.


When we make a commitment to you, we mean it!

We will keep on track and give you the on-going guidance to manage your money with confidence.


How did you get to where you are today? What are your needs, concerns and questions?

Here we will hash out how we can work together.



How did you get to where you are today? What are your needs, concerns and questions? 

Here we will hash out how we

can work together.


As your plan becomes certain, we will implement it and make your goals a reality.


When we make a commitment to you, we mean it!

We will keep you on track and give you the ongoing guidance to manage your finances with confidence.


We will assess your situation and prepare solutions that fit your goals.  Our aim is to educate and empower you to be able to make informed decisions and gain control of your life.

The Process



This is  where we bring all the pieces together, articulating your life on paper and providing you with a guide on meeting your life goals.

Field Sunset

Client Testimonials

"From the very beginning of my professional relationship with Christine I found her knowledgeable and competent I always had lots of questions for her and she was always able to provide the answers in a comprehensible way. I found Christine very approachable and have never hesitated in contacting her when I have been concerned about any aspect is my investments. She has always been very reassuring I would not hesitate to recommend Christine."

- Danuisa, August 2020

Serendipity Client Portal and App

Introducing the Serendipity Client Portal and App! We offer our clients the very best in techonolgy to truly discover what it means to have your financial world sorted. Access all your important financial data and documents via the one app or via your desktop. Anywhere, Any time, right at your finger tips.

Add your home, investment properties and car, then connect your superannuation, investments and bank accounts. Store important documents such as Wills, insurance policies and receipts to keep on record.

The benefits of the Serendipity Client Portal include:

  • Everything in one place: add your credit cards, bank accounts, properties, car, home loans, investment loans and so much more to easily track and manage your finances.

  • Always up to date: The portal provides live property and investment data feeds for not just your personal assets but also entities including self managed superannuation funds.

  • Cashflow & budgeting: auto-categorised transactions and powerful budgeting tools make setting goals and getting a full picture of your income and expenses a breeze.

  • Tax time made easy: use the tax wizard to track, tag and store relevant tax information (from transactions to receipts) securely online.